Increasing Your Website Traffic With Reddit

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In this tutorial we are going to look at the common sources of traffic for new websites, their pros, cons and ease of implementation. We’ll also focus on using Reddit as your main marketing approach with various secrets, tips and techniques with your submissions.

Getting The Initial Traffic

If you have a website or you are thinking about launching one soon, you probably understand the importance of traffic especially in the beginning. We’ve all read the articles from the top article directories that talk about the social media, Facebook, Twitter, the importance of networking and how you can utilize them to drive traffic. And everything happens super fast, right ? You create a website, add social buttons, create the social profiles and the traffic starts coming in.

Well, it doesn’t really work that way.

The Problem with Getting Initial Traffic

In the beginning you simply don’t have any audience, you don’t have Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and you also don’t have established accounts in any of the forums and websites. And if you are just a guy who wants to earn some extra money from an online gig – you probably don’t have the resources to easily create such accounts and networks and maintain them effectively. All of this takes a lot of time. It takes a very high-level of dedication and money to even start seeing any results from your marketing efforts, especially if you are currently employed for somebody else.

There are Not Enough Hours in the Day

And the reason is simple – if you look at your daily life cycle objectively, you’ll know that after 9 hours at work + any commute which is around 2 hours each day, you simply don’t have enough time to do all the things you need to do. Because it’s not only the work here, after you get back from the office you can’t just start working again, right ? You want to have dinner, do the laundry, maybe clean up a little bit or cook something healthy. And aside from that we also need social life, right ? At least some kind of social life because it’s super easy to burn out while trying to launch something for 6 months without much result.

How to Get Initial Traffic with Minimum Efforts

So you actually need a fast and scalable way to distribute links to your website and your content. And I have a secrets for you – it’s not the social media. Facebook will not help you if you don’t have an audience or a huge upfront capital for advertising. Clicks are expensive, you know, and so are followers. And the same is with Twitter marketing – you need a follower base to reach with your messages and links. It simply doesn’t work for most of us trying to get some extra cash aside from our full-time job.

So what’s left then ?

Using Social Bookmarking and Reddit


There are a lot of social bookmarking sites there but few are the ones you should focus on in the beginning. Probably the best of them is Reddit. You can easily create an account there since it takes only 1 minute to fill a name, email and a password. Actually the email is not really required, but it helps in case you forget your password, because if that happens the email will be the only way to retrieve this password. So I strongly recommend filling the email field.

So it takes only a minute to create an account on Reddit. And once you are done, your submission is few clicks away. You just have to choose a sub-reddit and click the Submit a Link button. Once you do that, your link and of course your content will be almost immediately visible to the whole niche community of that sub-reddit. And that is quite powerful, because you don’t need an established account and you can reach that much targeted people and potential customers so easily. No followers required, no expensive ads, that’s really cool.

Few Common Pitfalls When Using Reddit

While there are a lot of pros using Reddit as part of your marketing strategy, there are also few well known problems with that. So it’s quite fast to get started with Reddit, but there is something called the Reddit Filter. This is basically an automatic security and spam prevention system responsible for minimising all the spam and low quality content and links that get published all the time. A lot of marketers are trying to put their content on Reddit and make it viral and people actually fall for that. And they share and tweet and use Google+ to propagate this content to their friends. And that’s how it gets viral, that’s the whole idea.

But there’s also a lot of crappy content there and that’s why they’ve developed this automatic protection system that blocks a lot of links from getting live. So if you keep posting links without actually commenting, upvoting/downvoting other links and actively participating in their community in general, you’ve got a problem. The Reddit Filtering system looks after a lot of factors and so should you. Because if you get caught by the filter you are essentially screwed – your link will never go live and you won’t even notice unless you actually log out and start searching for your link in the New section of the particular subreddit in which you’ve posted it.

So How to Avoid Getting Caught By Reddit’s Filter ?

The good news is that there are various Reddit Tips, Reddit Tricks and Reddit Secrets that can help you achieve that goal – to beat Reddit’s filter and stay on the first page longer ! That way your content will get the visibility and the engagement you’ve been searching for and your business will get the lead generations and hopefully the conversions that it deserves. Once the link is live – you’ll get a lot of comments, upvotes and downvotes and user engagement in general, of course if you follow some simple rules while you submit content to Reddit.


So hopefully you enjoyed reading this small overview of getting traffic with Reddit. You must know that there’s a lot more to working with Reddit and there are a lot of techniques that should be used while submitting links. Reddit, just like any big social media system, has its own secrets and you must find a place to read about all the tricks and tips required for your successful submission. If you want to rank high in your chosen subreddit you’ll have to follow these rules. And with time you’ll get better at it, so be very careful while choosing the RSS feeds, blogs and the websites in general from which you read news and interesting information about Reddit. This will definitely be crucial for the success of your marketing efforts using this super-effective social bookmarking site.

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