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Dust: Account without any verified email so far. This is an actual trophy.
Mature Account: Every account with age 8 years or more. Reddit itself is 10 years old so these accounts are really valuable.
Natural Username: These accounts have usernames that are real words or person names. Such accounts are rare and most of them were taken long time ago.

Note: Our ordering system bit slow please contacts us ( support@upvotes4reddit.com ) for fast response. Just select the account number from list and mention in your mail Thanks

# Username Age Link Karma Comment Karma Trophies Price Status Action
1********8 Years~2,029~155,389Eight-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Reddit Gold, Gaming Account$470.00Available
2********5 Years~187,103~4,272Five-Year Club, For Extra Boost$390.00Available
3********6 Years~265,790~7,328Six-Year Club, For Extra Boost$390.00Available
4********8 Years~780~75,642Eight-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Reddit Gold, Team Orangered, Summer Santa 2010, Natural Username, Heavy Sports Account$390.00Available
5********4 Years~3,842~36,539Four-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Gilding 2, Secret Santa 2011, Secret Santa 2013, Summer Santa 2013, Secret Santa 2012, Summer Santa 2012, Redditgifts Exchanges, Team Periwinkle, Lifestyle Account, Sports Account$390.00Available
6********5 Years~6,391~80,896Five-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Reddit Gold$390.00Available
7********6 Years~20,439~63,784Six-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Team Orangered, Secret Santa 2012$360.00Available
8********7 Years~15,636~58,040Seven-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Reddit Gold, Political Account$360.00Sold
9********6 Years~5,202~74,982Six-Year Club, Sports Account, Natural Username, Reddit Gold$330.00Available
10********5 Years~4,037~18,628Five-Year Club, Reddit Gold, Heavy Gaming Account, Natural Username$260.00Available
11********3 Years~5,395~19,930Three-Year Club, Heavy Gaming Account$260.00Available
12********6 Years~2,113~81,384Six-Year Club, Team Orangered$260.00Available
13********3 Years~976~23,022Three-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Gaming Account, Fitness Account$250.00Available
14********5 Years~4,936~35,169Five-Year Club, Reddit Gold, Natural Username, Inappropriate Username, Political Account$250.00Available
15********5 Years~5,172~18,613Five-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Team Orangered, Natural Username, Gaming Account$250.00Available
16********5 Years~6~41,627Five-Year Club, Political Account, Natural Username, Reddit Gold$240.00Available
17********2 Years~17,293~15,854Two-Year Club, Reddit Gold, Beta Tester, Natural Username$220.00Available
18********2 Years~240~30,213Two-Year Club, Political Account, Natural Username, Gaming Account$200.00Available
19********5 Years~4,113~4,877Five-Year Club, Team Orangered, Heavy Political Account$180.00Available
20********2 Years~15~23,235Two-Year Club, For Extra Boost, Natural Username$160.00Sold
21********5 Years~196~3,110Five-Year Club, Gaming Account, Political Account$150.00Available
22********2 Years~622~17,627Two-Year Club, Gaming Account, Sports Account$150.00Available
23********4 Years~22~5,482Four-Year Club, Political Account, Entertainment Account$140.00Available
24********10 Years~1~761Ten-Year Club, Eleven Year Club$116.00Available
25********5 Years~6,017~1,879Five-Year Club, Six Year Club$85.00Sold
26********6 Years~1~231Six-Year Club, Six Year Club, Team Orangered, Secret Santa 2011, Secret Santa 2012$84.00Available
27********9 Years~1~27Nine-Year Club, Ten Year Club$84.00Available
28********9 Years~1~117Nine-Year Club, Ten Year Club$84.00Available
29********10 Years~1~29Ten-Year Club, Eleven Year Club$84.00Available
30********9 Years~47~11Nine-Year Club, Ten Year Club$84.00Available
31********7 Years~1~302Seven-Year Club, Eight Year Club, Secret Santa 2011$76.00Available
32********6 Years~6~187Six-Year Club, Seven Year Club, MODERATOR OF A SUBREDDIT$68.00Available
33********9 Years~9~43Nine-Year Club, Eight Year Club$68.00Available
34********12 Years~1~43Eleven Year Club, MODERATOR OF A SUBREDDIT$65.00Available
35********9 Years~42~191Nine-Year Club, Ten Year Club$60.00Sold
36********6 Years~1~21Six-Year Club, Seven Year Club$58.00Available
37********9 Years~1~36Nine-Year Club, Ten Year Club$55.00Available
38********9 Years~1~74Nine-Year Club, Ten Year Club$55.00Available
39********6 Years~9~32Six-Year Club, Six Year Club$50.00Available
40********5 Years~1~133Five-Year Club, Six Year Club$50.00Available
41********6 Years~1~43Six-Year Club, Six Year Club, MODERATOR OF A SUBREDDIT$50.00Available
42********9 Years~44~5Nine-Year Club, Five Year Club$45.00Available
43********8 Years~143~1Eight-Year Club, Eight Year Club$40.00Sold
44********6 Years~1~128Six-Year Club, Seven Year Club$40.00Available
45********9 Years~113~0Nine-Year Club, Eight Year Club$40.00Sold
46********6 Years~1~58Six-Year Club, Seven Year Club$35.00Sold
47********3 Years~1~32Three-Year Club, Four Year Club$34.00Available
48********4 Years~22~5Four-Year Club, Four Year Club$34.00Available
49********6 Years~1~39Six-Year Club, Six Year Club$30.00Sold
50********7 Years~32~1Seven-Year Club, six Year Club$25.00Sold
51********5 Years~23~1Five-Year Club, Six Year Club$25.00Sold
52********2 Years~5~14Two-Year Club, Three Club$20.00Sold
53********2 Years~1~37Two-Year Club, Two Year Club$18.00Sold
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Note: Our ordering system bit slow please contacts us ( support@upvotes4reddit.com ) for fast response. Just select the account number from list and mention in your mail Thanks

Why Should I Buy a Reddit Account ?


B uying Reddit accounts helps marketers, professionals and regular Redditors make their point stronger and defeat their opponents arguments. The majority of people everywhere follow the masses, and Reddit is no exception. Once your link gets enough upvotes, it crawls up to the first page and gives you all the exposure for your ideas that you can dream of.

But how do you submit these links ? You can always use our upvoting service to upvote, but how do you submit the link itself ? The answer is via mature and quality accounts with lots of karma. This will give the link an extra ranking boost and will increase it’s chances to actually get submitted (and not manually removed).

You also need accounts in order to write the positive comments below your link. Once there, all the comments that support you and your goals should get all the support they can through as many upvotes as possible. But you always need these supportive comments in the first place, and this is the second reason why you need good Reddit accounts for your marketing campaign.



Quality Mature Accounts

Buy quality aged accounts for your Reddit marketing campaigns.

Increase Link Submission Rates

Submitting your links from good accounts help your links bypass Reddit’s automatic spam prevention systems. Moderators also see aged accounts as more authoritative and therefore tend to allow them into their subreddit.

High Karma Accounts

Our accounts are not only mature but also with high levels of karma.

Boost Rankings

Links submitted from aged accounts are proved to have increased rankings.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You can’t login into your account ? No problem, we’ll replace it free of charge.

Educational Materials

With each order we send special instructions on how to use your accounts effectively and avoid getting detected.


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Patricia – Online marketer

Buying Reddit accounts for my marketing campaigns has never been easier. The guys from Upvotes4Reddit provide quality accounts at good prices and they’re always there to help. Thanks.

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Accounts Followers Price

Travis – Redditor

Buying accounts for Reddit from here gives me the freedom to express my personal opinion and prove my points in arguments. My links become more powerful and it’s really great.

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How long until you deliver my account ?

No more than 24 hours. Once we get your payment we’ll send you the account with all the additional educational materials.

What about the money back guarantee ?

It’s there but you need to follow all our instructions strictly otherwise the account will get banned.

Do you offer discounts for mass orders ?

Yes of course, we can give you great discounts for batch orders. Just send us a message.

What are these educational materials you mentioned ?

That’s what all our customers get with their orders. It’s all the little rules you need to follow if you want to use your accounts without any issues. Reddit has a very strong anti-spam system in place, both automated and manual one, so you need to be very careful.

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Extrafast service!

Extrafast service!

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Highly recommended.

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Great service!

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Amazing super fast experience.

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Awesome deal

Awesome deal

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Loved it and will come again for sure

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Good job!

Good job!

by Josephine Saga on Reddit Accounts
Loved it and will come again for sure

Loved it and will come again for sure

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